Member Benefits

Because you're a KOLA Online Advantage Club Member, you get the inside track to winning. Come back each day to get the KOLA Song Of The Day and earn points. Or you can download the entire calendar now. But if you come back daily, you'll get an even better clue as to when to listen!

Earn Up to 10,000 Bonus Points

Come back each day to earn 1,000 points. If you come back 5 days in a row, we'll give you an extra 5,000 point bonus.

That's an extra 10,000 points per 5 days!

It's Easy To Win

  1. Starting (4/1) Each weekday morning at 7:10a, Jesse Duran will tell you (within a half hour) of when to listen for the KOLA Song Of The Day!

  2. Later, when you hear the KOLA Song Of The Day, played in it's entirety, be the 29th caller at 909-798-5600 and instantly win $1000 cash!

Download & Print the Full Calendar

Need a copy of the full calendar to keep by your desk?