Nearly Impossible Question week of 1/9/17

By Irma Blanco on


NIQ – 1/4 of women would reject a man’s advances if he was wearing this… what is it?

Answer – An NFL Jersey

NIQ – 28 percent of Americans have owned one of these in the last few years…. what is it?

Answer – an iPhone

NIQ – according to a new survey Thin Mints are the #1 Girl Scout cookie.  Whats #2?

Answer – Caramel de Lites/Samoas  (the vanilla cookies with caramel, coconut, and chocolate stripes..yum!)

NIQ – on average women will do this 60-times a year.  Men only 6 times.  What is it?

Answer – Crying!

NIQ- 1/3 of American kids earn their allowance by doing this chore-What is it?

Answer- Picking up the dog poop!


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