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Nearyly Impossible Question 6.11.18

Nearyly Impossible Question 6.11.18



Monday 6.11

NIQ- 24% of Dad’s would prefer this for Father’s Day-what is it?

Answer- homemade gift

Tuesday 6.12

NIQ-People who do this daily earn $25,000 more per year than people who don’t-what is it?


Wednesday 6.13

NIQ-53% of Millennials expect this to happen someday-what is it?

Answer-They will be millionaires

Thursday 6.14

NIQ- 6% of Dads want this for Father’s Day-what is it?

Answer- Nose hair clippers

Friday 6.15

NIQ-51% of Millennials still need their Dad’s to teach them this-what is it?

Answer-How to drive a stickshift

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