Nearly Impossible Question 7/16/18

By Donna D on

Monday 7.16

NIQ-There used to be thousands of these across the U.S.but soon there will be one left-what is it?

Answer- Blockbuster

Tuesday 7.17

NIQ-2/3 of us only do this when we are on vacation but not at home-what is it?

Answer-Eat dessert

Wednesday 7.18

NIQ- 25% of married women now have this in common-what is it?

Answer-They make more money than their husband

Thursday 7.19

NIQ-31% of married women believe their husband has done this behind their back-what is it?

Answer- Skip out on work to play golf.

Friday 7.20

NIQ-34% of us have illegally done this while driving-what is it?

Answer-Driving the wrong way on a one way street


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