Nearly Impossible Question 8/13/18

By Donna D on

Monday 8.13

NIQ-10% of U.S.Presidents had this in common-what was it?

Answer- they were or are left-handed

Tuesday 8.14

NIQ- 34% of women think they are better at this than their spouse-what is it?

Answer-Better at parenting their children

Wednesday 8.15

NIQ-This person listens an average 10 seconds before interrupt-who is it?

Answer- Your Doctor

Thursday 8.16

NIQ-1/3 of Vegetarians say they will eat meat under this condition-what is it?

Answer-When they are drunk (drinking too much)

Friday 8.17

NIQ-only 1% of Americans say they hate this food-what is it?

Answer-French Fries


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