Nearly Impossible Question Week Of 9/17/18

By Donna D on

Monday 9.17

NIQ-57% of Women don’t know how to do this on a car-what is it?

Answer-Check the radiator fluid

Tuesday 9.18

NIQ- The average american now spends 434 hours a year doing this-what is it?

Answer- Watching Netflix

Wednesday 9.19

NIQ-This is now responsible for at least 5% of divorces-what is it?

Answer-Playing video games (Fortnite)

Thursday 9.20

NIQ- 22% of Americans say they can do this all by themselves-what is it?

Answer- A Pizza

Friday 9.21

NIQ-Only 2% of Americans have done this but at least 40% of Presidents have-what is it?

Answer-Joined a Fraternity


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