Nearly Impossible Question Week of 9/24/18

By Donna D on

Monday 9/24

NIQ- 68% of women say they would break up with a man if they wore this-what is it?

Answer-Tighty Whities

Tuesday 9.25

NIQ-72% of people do this while watching scary movies-what is it?

Answer-Munch on popcorn

Wednesday 9.26

NIQ-69% of Women are happier on-line when this happens-what is it?

Answer-When you get a like or share from someone you admire or a celebrity

Thursday 9.27

NIQ-3/4 of Americans don’t do this anymore when it comes to eating-what is it?

Answer- Eat 3 meals a day

Friday 9.28

NIQ- 56% of people get grossed out when they see their co-workers do this-what is it?

Answer- Leave the bathroom without washing their hands


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