Nearly impossible Question Week of 10/1/18

By Donna D on

Monday 10.1

NIQ-63% of Men say they are afraid of this and say it has negatively effected their career-what is it?

Answer- Balding/Losing their hair

Tuesday 10.2

NIQ- 41% of us admit they’ve committed this common crime-what is it?

Answer-Getting paid under the table

Wednesday 10.3

NIQ- 18% of us figure out what we are going to be for Halloween by going here-where is it?


Thursday 10.4

NIQ- 26% of us say this  is their favorite taco filling…what is it?

Answer-Carne Asada

Friday 10.5

NIQ-60% of us owned of these as a kid-what is it?

Answer- Jump Rope


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