Nearly Impossible Question Week of 10/15/18

By Donna D on

Monday 10.15

NIQ-19% of us will do this sometime in the next couple of weeks-what is it?

Answer-Make a home made costume

Tuesday 10.16

NIQ-More and More companies are hiring bosses who have this trait-what is it?

Answer- Humbleness/ Humility

Wednesday 10.17

NIQ-This Halloween Americans will spend half a billion dollars on this-what is it?

Answer-Pet Costumes

Thursday 10.18

NIQ-63%of Men say they would never do this at a bar-what is it?

Answer-Order a fruity drink

Friday 10.19

NIQ- 25% of Newlyweds enter into marriage without knowing this about their spouse-what is it?

Answer-Their salary


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