Nearly Impossible Question week of 10/29/18

By Donna D on

Monday 10.29

NIQ- 20% of us are superstitious when it comes to this-what is it?

Answer- Sports rituals to help our team win

Tuesday 10.30

NIQ-20% of us believe this is the scariest movie scene of all time-what is it?

Answer- Hereeeee’s Johnny!! The door scene from the shining where Jack gets his axe.

Wednesday 10.31 Happy Halloween!!

NIQ-Speaking of being afraid, 61% of us would be afraid to buy a home if it had this-what is it?

Answer- Flickering lights

Thursday 11.1

NIQ- 73% of us say this is our favorite thing about hosting Thanksgiving-what is it?

Answer-The leftovers

Friday 11.2

NIQ-We each have 2 of these and the left one is always smaller than the right-what is it?

Answer-Your Lungs


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