Nearly impossible Question week of 11/5/18

By Donna D on

Monday 11.5

NIQ-9% of us say we have fallen  asleep here because of daylight saving time-where is it?

Answer-In a meeting

Tuesday 11.6 Election Day!!

NIQ- When it comes to elections only 2% of us have done this or are doing it this year-what is it?

Answer- Run for office

Wednesday 11.7

NIQ- We spend 9 full days a year like this-what is it?

Answer- In a food coma

Thursday 11.8

NIQ- 21% of us have done this embarrassing thing on a first date-what is it?

Answer-forget their date’s name

Friday 11.9

NIQ- We Americans spend 1.5 Billion dollars on this food every year-what is it?

Answer-Dog food


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