Nearly Impossible Question Week of 12/10/18

By Donna D on

Monday 12.10

NIQ-46% of Americans plan on doing this, after the holidays-what is it?

Answer-Pay off their credit cards

Tuesday 12.11

NIQ- 53% of us would rather do this on-line than in person-what is it?

Answer-Online banking

Wednesday 12.12

NIQ-73% of us have this challenge during the holiday season-what is it?

Answer-Trying to find the perfect gift

Thursday 12.13

NIQ- 45% of Christmas shoppers  avoid stores that have these-what is it?

Answer-Good looking sales people

Friday 12.14

NIQ- Only 4% of us want this for Christmas but many office parties give this as gifts-what is it?

Answer-Coffee Machines


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