Nearly Impossible Question week of 1/14/19

By Donna D on

Monday 1.14

NIQ 10% of people say this is the worst part of dining out-what is it?

Answer- Parking

Tuesday 1.15

NIQ-Just over 10 thousand millionaires made their money doing this-what is it?

Answer- Playing video games

Wednesday 1.16

NIQ- 26% of us failed to do this in 2018-what is it?

Answer-Read a book

Thursday 1.17

NIQ-17% of us have been caught doing this-what is it?

Answer-Returning a Christmas gift by the person who gave it to you

Friday 1.18

NIQ-According to a new NFL survey The Seahawks have the most annoying fans-what NFL team came in 2nd?

Answer- The New England Patriots


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