Nearly Impossible Question Week of 2/11/19

By Donna D on

Monday 2.11

NIQ-On average it takes a couple 6 months and 18 days to reach this relationship milestone-what is it?

Answer- Walk around naked together

Tuesday 2.12

NIQ-It’s easier to find a Valentine with online dating, but 46% us have flirted with someone here-where is it?

Answer-The grocery store

Wednesday 2.13

NIQ- 42% of us plan on doing this on Valentine’s Day-what is it?

Answer-Going to sleep early

Thursday 2.14

NIQ- These people spend the most on Valentin’e Day-who are they?

Answer-People who are engaged

Friday 2.15

NIQ-29%of us say they have a hard time remembering this-what is it?

Answer-ATM pin code



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