Nearly Impossible Question Week of 4/15/19

By Donna D on

Monday 4.15

NIQ-13% of us would rather do this than do their taxes-what is it?

Answer-Spend the night in jail

Tuesday 4.16

NIQ-On average we do this about 10xd a day-what is it?

Answer-Break wind

Wednesday 4.17

NIQ-26% of us say it’s impolite to do this when you’re at someone’s house-what is it?

Answer-Ask for their WiFi password

Thursday 4.18

NIQ-What’s the #1 thing couples wish they had spent more time and money on when planning their wedding?

Answer-The photographer

Friday 4.19

NIQ- 2/3 of us will eat this over the Easter weekend-what is it?

Answer-Deviled eggs


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