Nearly Impossible Question Week of 4/22/19

By Donna D on

Monday 4.22

NIQ- 30% of us have stopped doing this to save the planet-what is it?

Answer-Stopped using plastic bottles

Tuesday 4.23

NIQ-71% of Americans say this about their commute to work-what is it?

Answer-It’s peaceful

Wednesday 4.24

NIQ- 20% of Administrative Professionals have had to do this unusual chore while on the job-what is it?

Answer-Watch their pets

Thursday 4.25

NIQ-This is something almost everyone does but only 16% of women do this, but will never admit it-what is it?


Friday 4.26

NIQ-65% of us do this while eating a pretzel-what is it?

Answer-Eat the curve part first


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