Nearly Impossible Question Week of 5/13/19

By Donna D on

Monday 5.13

NIQ-55% of us admit they are rude when it comes to this-what is it?

Answer-Rude to their smart speakers/Alexia or Siri

Tuesday 5.14

NIQ-49% of people don’t know this about their parents-what is it?

Answer-Their first job

Wednesday 5.15

NIQ- When it comes to hygiene, 13% of us admit we don’t do this regularly-what is it?

Answer-Wash your legs

Thursday 5.16

NIQ- When it comes to dating, 36% of Americans have done this-what is it?

Answer-Dated a co-worker

Friday 5.17

NIQ- As kids, 75% of us did this growing up, now less than half of us do-what is it?

Answer-Eat together as a family at the dinner table


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