Nearly Impossible Question Week of 6/24/19

By Donna D on

Monday 6.24

NIQ-When it comes to dating 1/3 of women admit they’ve done this-what is it?

Answer-Go on the date for the free food

Tuesday 6.25

NIQ-41% of Americans now have one of these household devices-what is it?

Answer- Keurig (one cup coffee machine)

Wednesday 6.26

NIQ-27% of us do this all the time while driving-what is it?

Answer-Zone out/Go on auto pilot

Thursday 6.27

NIQ-This will happen 16 times on the average during the family summer road trip-what is it?

Answer- Ask the question, “Are we there yet?”

Friday 6.28

NIQ-53% of Millennials believe this myth about red cars-what is it?

Answer-There car insurance will cost more


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