Nearly Impossible Question Week of 7/15/19

By Donna D on

Monday 7.15

NIQ-18% of women have gotten this behind their partners back-What is it?

Answer- A Credit Card

Tuesday 7.16

NIQ-15% of people say this is the most romantic place to share a kiss-what is it?

Answer-In front of a fire place

Wednesday 7.17

NIQ-According to a 1969 poll 24% of Americans said this was the greatest invention in their lifetime-what is it?


Thursday 7.18

NIQ- 26% of men have cried over this-what is it?

Answer-A Wedding

Friday 7.19

NIQ- Back in 1969…Astronaut was the #1 thing kids wanted to be when they grew up.  What is the #1 thing kids want to be now?

Answer-You Tube Star/Vlogger


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