Nearly Impossible Question Week of 8/5/19

By Donna D on

Monday 8.5

NIQ-21% of us said our favorite teacher taught this subject-what is it?

Answer-Music class

Tuesday 8.6

NIQ-Couples who do this on a first date are 93% more likely to have a 2nd date-what is it?

Answer-Sharing dessert

Wednesday 8.7

NIQ-Half of kids under 21 no longer believe they need to do this-what is it?

Answer-Go to college

Thursday 8.8

NIQ-21% of Mom’s say if they were given an extra hour everyday, they would do this-what is it?


Friday 8.9

NIQ-62% of couples who have done this say it has helped their relationship-what is it?

Answer-Hire a housekeeper


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