Nearly Impossible Question Week of 8/26/19

By Donna D on

Monday 8.26

NIQ-43% of people would end a relationship over this-what is it?

Answer-If they didn’t get along with your dog

Tuesday 8.27

NIQ-8% of couples have eaten this food on a romantic date-what is it?


Wednesday 8.28

NIQ-73% of people say it is wrong to wear this to work even at a casual dress code workplace-what is it?

Answer-Ripped jeans

Thursday 8.29
NIQ-20 years ago every adult knew how to do this, now only 76% of adults know how-what is it?

Answer-Write a check

Friday 8.30

NIQ-What word was said over 200 times in the movie with Matthew McConaughey- dazed and confused?



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