Nearly Impossible Question Week of 9/23/19

By Donna D on

Monday 9.23

NIQ-29% of Americans say this is our favorite thing about fall-what is it?

Answer-A lower electric bill

Tuesday 9.24

NIQ-Only 24% of American teenagers are now proficient in this-what is it?

Answer-Writing and proper punctuation

Wednesday 9.25

NIQ-Women say if they won the lottery the 1st three things they would buy are a house, jewelry and this designer-what is it?

Answer- Louboutin

Thursday 9.26

NIQ-26% of us say this is the most annoying thing their partner does-what is it?

Answer-Leaving dirty dishes around the house

Friday 9.27

NIQ-72% of drivers will have this happen to them today-what is it?

Answer-Someone will tailgate them


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