Nearly Impossible Question Week of 10/7/19

By Donna D on

Monday 10.7

NIQ-On average you will have to work out 25 minutes on the elliptical to burn off this sweet treat-what is it?

Answer-Carmel Apple

Tuesday 10.8

NIQ-9% of people who have quit their job because their boss was a monster, have described their boss as this scary movie monster-who is it?


Wednesday 10.9

NIQ-77% of us refuse to do this alone during the month of October-what is it?

Answer-Watch a scary movie

Thursday 10.10

NIQ-48% of parents say kids do this more during Halloween time, than any other time-what is it?

Answer-They throw tantrums

Friday 10.11

NIQ-According to a new study this food is as addictive as drugs-what is it?



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