Nearly Impossible Question Week of 10/14/19

By Donna D on

Monday 10.14

NIQ-73% of employees who are allowed to do this…say it makes them highly motivated and put more effort toward the success of the company-what is it?

Answer-Dress of for Halloween

Tuesday 10.15

NIQ-40% of uss ay it is not ok to do this on a commercial airline-what is it?

Answer-recline your seat back

Wednesday 10.16

NIQ-36% of workers hate it when their boss does this-what is it?

Answer-Takes credit for other people’s work

Thursday 10.17

NIQ-48% of us had this disaster happen while cooking-what is it?

Answer-Setting off the fire alarm

Friday 10.18

NIQ-When it comes to Halloween…10% of us feel this way about it-what is it?

Answer-Halloween is their FAVORITE holiday.


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