Nearly Impossible Question Week Of 10/28/19

By Donna D on

Monday 10.28

NIQ-24% of people blame this person for their addiction to chocolate-who is it?

Answer-Their co-worker

Tuesday 10.29

NIQ-65% of cat owners have done this with their cat-what is it?

Answer-Travel with their cat

Wednesday 10.30

NIQ-62% of us wouldn’t buy a house if they saw this on the intial walk through-what is it?

Answer-A graveyard or a tombstone

Thursday 10.31 Happy Halloween!!

NIQ-22% of Americans say this is the scariest movie scene of all time-what is it?

Answer-the shower scene in Psycho

Friday 11.1

NIQ-5% of us will spend the extra hour we get on Sunday doing this-what is it?



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