Nearly Impossible Question Week of 11/4/19

By Donna D on

Monday 11.4

NIQ-41% of men want their partners to be this-what is it?


Tuesday 11.5

NIQ-On average every American spends $1500 a year on this-what is it?

Answer-Food that you let go bad and throw away

Wednesday 11.6

NIQ-33% say this is the worst thing you can do as a guest at a party-what is it?

Answer-Be the last one to leave

Thursday 11.7

NIQ-24% of us say this is our least favorite Thanksgiving day dish-what is it?

Answer-The green bean casserole

Friday 11.8

NIQ-82% of us say this makes them more productive at work-what is it?

Answer-Casual (clothes) Day


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