Nearly Impossible Question Week of 11/11/19

By Donna D on

Monday 11.11

NIQ-49% of drivers say this is a pet peeve they have with other drivers-What is it?

Answer-Not using your turn signal

Tuesday 11.12

NIQ-17% of us who’ve done this later regretted doing it-what is it?

Answer-Hosting Thanksgiving dinner

Wednesday 11.13

NIQ-34% of us say this is one of their favorite parts of Thanksgiving-what is it?

Answer-Time off

Thursday 11.14

NIQ-24% of us say this is actually a stressful way to celebrate the holidays-what is it?

Answer-Going on vacation

Friday 11.15

NIQ-17% of us have been shamed for this-what is it?

Answer-Not spending enough on a white elephant or secret Santa gift at work


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