Nearly Impossible Question Week of 11/18/19

By Donna D on

Monday 11.18

NIQ-20% of us have done this home improvement before having family/friends over for the Holidays!!


Tuesday 11.19

NIQ-Doing this for 78 minutes per day helps you maintain good mental health and boost happiness-what is it?

Answer-Listening to music

Wednesday 11.20

NIQ-40% of parents say they enjoyed this holiday activity when they were kids-what is it?

Answer-Bringing cookies and baked goods to neighbors and friends

Thursday 11.21

NIQ-Participation in this sport has dropped 28% since 2003-what is it?


Friday 11.22

NIQ–On average you”ll eat 5 pounds of this Carb per year-what is it?

Answer-Sweet potatoes



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