Nearly Impossible Question Week of 12/2/19

By Donna D on

Monday 12.2

NIQ-56% of cyber Monday shoppers have this in common-what is it?

Answer-They are Men

Tuesday 12.3

NIQ-5% of Americans have never done this during the holidays-what is it?

Answer-Give to charity

Wednesday 12.4

NIQ-Half of all Grandparents have given this gift to their grand kids for Christmas-what is it?

Answer-An ugly Christmas sweater or knitted sweater

Thursday 12.5

NIQ-1/3 of us plan on buying a gift for our pet but only 13% plan on buying a gift for this person-who is it?


Friday 12.6

NIQ-74% of Men say they actually like doing this over the Christmas holiday-what is it?



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