Nearly Impossible Question Week of 12/9/19

By Donna D on

Monday 12.9

NIQ-Only 33% of pet owners will buy a Christmas gift for one of these-what kind of pet is it?

Answer-Your pet Horse

Tuesday 12.10

NIQ-According to a new survey, lotion is the worst thing a man can buy a woman for Christmas, what came in 2nd?

Answer-A scale

Wednesday 12.11

NIQ-65% of us have no plans of doing this until after Christmas-what is it?


Thursday 12.12

NIQ-21% of us say this is the most difficult Christmas food item to prepare-what is it?


Friday 12.13

NIQ-20% of us do this immediately after a holiday office party-what is it?

Answer-Take Aspirin or Tylenol


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