Nearly Impossible Question Week of 1/6/20

By Donna D on

Monday 1.6

NIQ-62% of people say this is not an attractive trait in a partner-what is it?

Answer-Vegan or vegetarian

Tuesday 1.7

NIQ-Video games are the #1 thing that kids are saving their money for-what’s #2?


Wednesday 1.8

NIQ-65% of Managers say they would NOT hire someone, if they fail to do this in a job interview-what is it?

Answer-Make eye contact

Thursday 1.9

NIQ-27% of Americans with back pain say this is one of the reasons for it-what is it?

Answer-picking up their child

Friday 1.10

NIQ-39% of American adults are tired of these and would like to see less of them in 2020-what are they?

Answer-Gender reveal parties


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