Nearly Impossible Question Week of 2/3/20

By Donna D on

Monday 2.3

NIQ-38% of Americans will do this more today than we normally do-what is it?

Answer-Drink coffee

Tuesday 2.4

NIQ-55% of Americans will do this in the month of February this year-what is it?

Answer-Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Wednesday 2.5

NIQ-27% of American women say this is the most romantic movie you can watch on Valentine’s day-what is it?

Answer-The Notebook

Thursday 2.6

NIQ-On average Americans will have 96 of these per year-what is it?

Answer-Bad hair day

Friday 2.7

NIQ-33% of Americans say this common Valentine’s day gift is over-rated-what is it?

Answer-Chocolate covered strawberries


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