Nearly Impossible Question Week 2/17/20

By Donna D on


Monday 2.17

NIQ-43% of Americans say when they have trouble sleeping it’s because of this-what is it?

Answer-The room temperature

Tuesday 2.18

NIQ-26% of us do this every morning-what is it?

Answer-Take a shower

Wednesday 2.19

NIQ-18% of Millennials would swipe right on a mans dating profile if he has this-what is it?

Answer-A beard

Thursday 2.20

NIQ-Parents will say this phrase to their children an average of 540 times during the school year-what is it?

Answer-Hurry Up!

Friday 2.21

NIQ-26% of us like to do this when drinking Margaritas-what is it?

Answer-Lick the salt from the rim


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