Nearly Impossible Question Week of 3/16/20

By Donna D on

Monday 3.16

NIQ-26% lie about this often-what is it?

Answer-How often they work out/go to the gym

Tuesday 3.17

NIQ-online daters, you’re 13% more likely to get a response from someone if you compliment them on this-what is it?

Answer-Their tattoos

Wednesday 3.18

NIQ-18% of us say this is is the biggest annoyance in their home-what is it?

Answer-Pet hair

Thursday 3.19

NIQ-34% of Moms love eating this off their kids plate-what is it?

Answer-Mac and Cheese

Friday 3.20

NIQ-23% of American woman have stopped doing this while quarantined-what is it?

Answer-Shaving their arm pits!!


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