Nearly Impossible Question Week of 3/23/20

By Donna D on

Monday 3.23

NIQ-36% of us have been doing this- more than we normally do- the last couple of weeks-what is it?

Answer-Calling loved ones

Tuesday 3.24

NIQ-28% of Us have considered ending a relationship because of this-what is it?

Answer-Because of their partners credit card bills/debt

Wednesday 3.25

NIQ-31% of women say it’s a deal breaker if their date mispronounced the name of this food establishment-what is it?


Thursday 3.26

NIQ-8% of Americans who have roommates and are tired of them leaving dirty dishes everywhere have done this-what is it?

Answer-Put them in their bed

Friday 3.27

NIQ-15% of Maids or professional house cleaners say this is the thing they find most annoying about their clients-what is it?

Answer-Clients that do little or no cleaning between sessions


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