Nearly Impossible Question Week of 5/25/20

By Donna D on

Monday 5.25

NIQ-When it comes to being a grill master, 22% of Americans households who grill say this-what is it?

Answer-Women are better at grilling

Tuesday 5.26

NIQ-This is the #1 way to get out of a speeding ticket-What is it?

Answer-Asking the officer for a warning instead of a ticket

Wednesday 5.27

NIQ-65% of these have been around for 50 years or more-what are they?

Answer-Candy Bar Brands

Thursday 5.28

NIQ-When it comes to eating hamburgers, only 2% of us like them served this way-what is it?


Friday 5.29

NIQ-34% of adults think this is the most annoying kids show-what is it?

Answer-Peppa the Pig


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