Nearly Impossible Question Week of 8/10/20

By Donna D on

Monday 8.10

NIQ-48% of People Say this is the most important trait in a friend-what is it?

Answer-Accepting of faults

Tuesday 8.11

NIQ-The #1 thing we do out of habit is sleep on the same side of the bed-what came in second?

Answer-Sit in the same spot on the couch!!

Wednesday 8.12

NIQ-When it comes to wearing a mask, 57% of us have had this happen-what is it?

Answer-They notice that they have bad breath

Thursday 8.13

NIQ-55% of us believe this may have happened during the pandemic-what is it?

Answer-They have been cheated on by their spouse or significant other

Friday 8.14

NIQ-10% of Americans don’t know a single one of these-what is it?

Answer-A joke they can tell by heart


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