Nearly Impossible Question Week of 8/24/20

By Donna D on

Monday 8.24

NIQ-18% of men say they would feel uneasy if their mother-in- law was one of these-what is it?

Answer-If their Mom was named Karen

Tuesday 8.25

NIQ-Of couples who are into this, 10% say one person doing this without the other is considered cheating-what is it?

Answer-Eating at their favorite fast food restaurant

Wednesday 8.26

NIQ- 86% of dog owners do this for their dog at least once a month-what is it?

Answer-Tell them they love them

Thursday 8.27

NIQ-the #1 thing we find attractive in a partner when we’re younger is their looks, but after the age of 50-what is it?


Friday 8.28

NIQ- 2% of relationships have ended with one of these-what is it?



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