Nearly Impossible Question Week of 9/14/20

By Donna D on

Monday 9.14

NIQ-On average, about 13,000 hands touch one of these each month-what is it?

Answer-Gas pump handles

Tuesday 9.15

NIQ-38% of Americans say this is a sign you’re a bad driver-what is it?

Answer-Not using your turn signal

Wednesday 9.16

NIQ-38%of people that no longer go to the office everyday say they miss this-what is it?

Answer-Office gossip

Thursday 9.17

NIQ-59% of people say checking this is a sign you don’t trust your partner-what is it?

Answer-Credit Card Bills

Friday 9.18

NIQ-When it comes to dating 77% of women expect a man to do this-what is it?

Answer-Make the first move



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