Nearly Impossible Question Week of 10/12/20

By Donna D on

Monday 10.12

NIQ-18% of Women admit they don’t do this every day-what is it?

Answer-change their underwear

Tuesday 10.13

NIQ-20 years ago there were 3x as many of these in the Inland empire then there are now-what are they?

Answer-Dairy farms

Wednesday 10.14

NIQ-51% of Moms say this is one of the best things about being a Mom-what is it?

Answer-Going to see your child in a school performance

Thursday 10.15

NIQ-23% of Americans who don’t work out say this is the reason-what is it?

Answer-Knee injury

Friday 10.16

NIQ-Of people who believe their house is haunted 17% of people say they’ve witnessed this sign-what is it?

Answer-Levitating objects


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