Nearly Impossible Question Week of 11/30/20

By Donna D on

Monday 11.30

NIQ-33% of Americans are not going to be doing this during the Holidays this year-what is it?

Answer-Buying  Christmas gifts

Tuesday 12.1

NIQ-1/3 of Us will do this by noon on Christmas day-what is it?

Answer-Have their first alcoholic drink of the day

Wednesday 12.2

NIQ-people who engage in this activity will have 21% chance of having a healthy body weight-what is it?

Answer- Playing video games

Thursday 12.3

NIQ-Sales of this item spike 40% around the Holidays-what is it?


Friday 12.4

NIQ-In America, Pizza is the number 1 food we cannot live without, what is the 2nd food we can’t live without?



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