Nearly Impossible Question Week of 1/18/21

By Donna D on

Monday 1.18

NIQ-14% of people who work from home have their work station set up here-where is it?

Answer-The floor

Tuesday 1.19

NIQ-29% of us say this is one of their favorite popcorn seasonings-what is it?

Answer-Taco seasoning

Wednesday 1.20

NIQ-10% of Americans want movie theaters to start serving this healthy snack-what is it?

Answer-Carrot sticks

Thursday 1.21

NIQ-61% of women say their partner could improve in this department when it comes to this-what is it?


Friday 1.22

NIQ-10% of football fans will do this in the next couple of weeks to get ready for the big game-what is it?

Answer-Buy a new team Jersey


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