Nearly Impossible Question Week of 1/25/20

By Donna D on

Monday 1.25

NIQ-15% of us love this so much, we would be willing to give up social media for it-what is it?


Tuesday 1.26

NIQ-93% of Cosmo readers would date someone who is not this-what is it?


Wednesday 1.27

NIQ-Food is the #1 reason we love Super Bowl parties but 38% of us go to Super Bowl parties for this reason-what is it?

Answer-The Commercials

Thursday 1.28

NIQ-28% of Americans say this is their favorite thing about winter-what is it?

Answer-Warm Fuzzy Socks

Friday 1.29

NIQ-25% of us have stayed in a relationship because they liked this about their partner-what is it?

Answer-Their Dog


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