Nearly Impossible Question Week of 2/1/21

By Donna D on

Monday 2.1

NIQ-27% of couples who sleep in separate beds do so because of this-what is it?

Answer-Tossing and turning

Tuesday 2.2

NIQ-29% of  Americans drink this to look cool-what is it?

Answer-Craft beer

Wednesday 2.3

NIQ-This is the worst Valentine’s day gift you can give-what is it?

Answer-Furry handcuffs

Thursday 2.4

NIQ-21% of couples are doing this for Valentine’s day-what is it?

Answer-Watching a romantic movie

Friday 2.5

NIQ-45% say this is a good reason to go to a big game party-what is it?

Answer-A good place to meet a potential date


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