Grape-nuts shortage over! | Vic Slick |

By Vic Slick on
(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, file)

Not sure if you were aware, but there was a Grape-Nuts shortage! Why? Blame the pandemic! The shortage of Grape-Nuts happened because the pandemic put a demand on (all) consumer goods and put a strain on the company’s supply chain. Post wasn’t the only cereal company struggling to keep cereal supply on shelves, Kellogg (makers of Corn Flakes & Frosted Flakes) felt the pinch too! But things are looking up! Post announced this week that the company should be back to normal by mid-March. Post is also offering 1 in 10 people to win free Grape-Nuts for a year! To enter click here or see below.  BTW: according to the Grape-Nuts website. Grape-Nuts is made with wheat and barley (but no grapes or nuts).

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