Nearly Impossible Question Week of 3/29/21

By Donna D on

Monday 3.29

NIQ-37% of Americans have looked this up on-line over a disagreement-what is it?


Tuesday 3.30

NIQ-37% of us have done this on a first date to look cool and impress your date-what is it?

Answer-Order a fancier drink than you normally would

Wednesday 3.31

NIQ-42% of us plan on throwing a huge party at the end of the pandemic but 38% of us worry we’ve lost this skill-what is it?

Answer-Make small talk

Thursday 4.1

NIQ-If given the opportunity, 38% of us think we could do this-what is it?

Answer-Throw a first pitch from the Mound over the plate

Friday 4,2

NIQ-18% of us plan on doing this for Easter weekend this year-what is it?

answer-Go to Church!


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