Nearly Impossible Question Week of 4/19/21

By Donna D on

Monday 4.19

NIQ-34% of us say this is the first thing we notice when we enter someone else’s home-what is it?

Answer- The Odor

Tuesday 4.20

NIQ-59% of online dating women have done this to attract attention-what is it?

Answer-Post a booty photo

Wednesday 4.21


Answer-49% of women say this is a gift they love to give themselves-what is it?


Thursday 4.22 Happy Earth Day

NIQ-29% of people have left a job for this reason-what is it?

Answer-Annoying Co-worker

Friday 4.23

NIQ-What do you do after hearing an unexplained noise in the night-10% of us do this-what is it?

Answer-Grab anything near by to use for protection!


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