Nearly Impossible Question Week of 4/26/21

By Donna D on

Monday 4.26

NIQ-94% of social media users have unfollowed someone because of this reason-what is it?

Answer-Social media influencer constantly pitching products

Tuesday 4.27

NIQ-98% of Americans have eaten this at least once, 2% has never even tried it-what is it?


Wednesday 4.28

NIQ-70% of singles still plan on doing this after the pandemic-what is it?

Answer-A video screening (facetime, Zoom or Skype)

Thursday 4.29

NIQ-42% of American women say this gives them a boost to their self confidence-what is it?

answer-A tan

Friday 4.30

NIQ-76% of Men are worried about this when they go to the beach-what is it?

Answer-Taking their shirt off


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