Nearly Impossible Question Week of 5/3/21

By Donna D on

Monday 5.3

NIQ-The average woman wears these 17 times before washing them-what is it?


Tuesday 5.4

NIQ-Only 8% of Star Wars fans are actually fans of this-what is it?

Answer-The prequels

Wednesday 5.5-  Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

NIQ-11% of Americans plan on doing this for Cinco de Mayo this year!-what is it?

Answer- Having a BBQ get together

Thursday 5.6

NIQ-15% of Mom’s say they still do this for their adult children!-what is it?

Answer-Do laundry or iron

Friday 5.7

NIQ-Half of all married men say this about their Mother-in-law-what is it?

Answer-Mother in-law is attractive


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