Nearly Impossible Question Week of 5/17/21

By Donna D on

Monday 5.17

NIQ-15% of American Men say they would win a fight against one of these-what is it?

Answer-One of the adult members of  Cobra Kai

Tuesday 5.18

NIQ-50% of college grads have done this since graduation-what is it?

Answer-Move back in with their parents

Wednesday 5.19

NIQ-36% of workers say they were embarrassed by doing this at a work meeting-what is it?

Answer-Having the hiccups

Thursday 5.20

NIQ-57% of Instagram users say this was their most popular post during the pandemic-what is it?

Answer-Throwback Thursday pics!!!

Friday 5.21

NIQ-54% of American Men say this is the ultimate status symbol-what is it?

Answer-The Luxury home/Mansion


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